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[Amps] 572B's WARNING

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Subject: [Amps] 572B's WARNING
From: nagato at (GGLL)
Date: Sun Jun 15 09:20:51 2003
    Regarding Taylor brand, I purchased a year or so ago one Taylor 813 
for a friend's linear and it was labeled as Made in China clearly. 
Dealer was RF Parts and I was aware of tube's origin.
    If your newly acquired 572s have a USA made label (but made in 
China) I think the dealer could be sued in some way, could be?. Those 
are fake USA tubes.
    Last, some years ago my radio master was repairing a Drake TR4 which 
needed new finals, three 6JB6 tubes; we had the chance of a friend 
temporarily living in USA to buy them at a radio shack store.  They came 
in closed boxes but, those were 17JB6 tubes. They were marked 6JB6 in 
the glass, ? how?, but coarsely grinding the glass over the 17 and 
writing over a 6.

Best regards
Guillermo - LU8EYW.

Osten B Magnusson escribi?::

>572B's are sold here in Europe by different dealers, the tubes are distributed 
>by Richardson Electronics in England, and they claim that it's Cetron tubes 
>manufactured for National. Sorry to tell, but it isn't the truth - it's newly 
>produced Chinese tubes re-badged by Richardsons as National and also have 
>''Made in USA'' printed on them. So be careful, before buying. I have been 
>offered, not by Richardsons, but by the distributor to get a full refund if 
>sending the tubes back. Richardsons does not even answer e-mails... 
>This is part of an e-mail from a serious distributor in England:
>     >>Hello Osten,
>     >>Taylor is a brand name for RF parts but these can be re-badged any type!
>     >>We have National 572B which are badged by Richardsons which is the main
>     >>outlet for Eimac, but need not be Eimac !
>There are original Cetron NOS 572B's available here in Europe, have a look at  
>   It's in Italian, but click on ''Surplus'' and than 
>''avanti'' to go to page four. There are no prices on the WEB, but in an 
>e-mail they asked 500 ''euros'' for a matched pair, plus postage. That's 
>totally USD 645 for a matched pair!!!   I know that there are also NOS Cetron 
>572B's available in USA, but unfortunately we have to pay more postage, 
>customs, 25 percent VAT etc. so here we always try to buy from a European 
>Community country, this was no customs and other extra charges to pay.
>Probably time to get all ''glass tubes'' amplifiers marked ''junk'' and in the 
>future only get amplifiers with ceramic tubes!
>73 de Osten SM5DQC    e-mail:
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