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[Amps] SELL: Mint Hallicrafters/Loudenboomer P45 Power Supply

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Subject: [Amps] SELL: Mint Hallicrafters/Loudenboomer P45 Power Supply
From: w2cqm at (
Date: Tue Jul 22 08:17:49 2003
Offering an absolutely mint Hallicrafters/Loudenboomer Model P-45 power
supply in the most pristine condition I've ever seen. NO dust, dents,
dings, abrasions,rust, scratches or discolorations of any kind. All
original (OEM) components except for a retrofitted  filter capacitor bank
which was replaced for safety. With the higher primary voltages, the
plate voltage is slightly above  the Sangamo filter capacitor 3000VDC
rating. The unit is currently wired for 110VAC (220VAC optional).
Includes two (2) new 3B28 rectifier tubes and the OEM Sangamo filter
capacitor.  Although I'd prefer a pickup in the Scranton, PA, New York
City, or NE New Jersey area, , the unit can be shipped in three  cartons
by removing the transformer and tubes.  $510+ shipping  Ron W2CQM/3

See  and Click on
Hallicrafters/Loudenboomer P45 for a digital of the supply

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