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[Amps] Need Alpha 77S RF output specifications

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Subject: [Amps] Need Alpha 77S RF output specifications
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Date: Fri Jul 25 07:31:16 2003
Can anyone help with the RF  output specs of the Alpha 77S with the two
hole 8877?  As an interesting winter retrofit  project,  I'm planning to
hot rod a currently manufactured amplifier  by replacing the transformer
with the exact replacement Peter Dahl  Alpha 77S Hipersil and the
installation of two 8877's. My concern is that I can get 2200W output
with 100W of drive with a single 3cx1500A7 and 4500VDC on the plate  and 
was wondering if the effort is worth the addition of the second tube. I
certainly would appreciate hearing from anyone with the amplifier.Any
comments may keep me from embarking on a fool's mission!  Best regards,
Ron W2CQM/3

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