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[Amps] Few Russian tubes for sale

Subject: [Amps] Few Russian tubes for sale
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 17:13:34 +0200
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Hello there,

I have few Russian tubes for sale:

1. GU-36B-1 - monster tube, 11kg, Up to 250 MHz, up to 15KW.
More data you can find :
Tube is NOS, used very few hours, from surplus transmitter, with factory 
made chemney-like part.
I have one tube. 240 Euros / 300 USD + shipping.

2. GI-25 - triode is used as an oscillator with pulsed anode and grid 
keying in the centimetric and decimetric wavelength ranges.
More you can find at :
I have 5 tubes, never used. 20 Euros / 25 USD + shipping (low price 
because tube is lightweight).

3. GS-36B (4CX400A) with socket and chemney.
Tetrode is designed for power amplification in distributed-gain amplifiers 
and single-sideband signal amplifiers at frequencies up to 75 MHz, and for 
power amplification at up to 500 MHz in RF equipment. 
More data at :
Tube is from equipment which was never used. There is no any sign of dust 
inside the cooler.
Unfortunately I got only those parts and have no chance to see the 
I have one tube. 50 Euros/ 64 USD + shipping (approx. 12 Euros / 15 USD)

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,

Remi LY2MW

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