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Re: [Amps] Switch-mode HV power supply

To: "Ian White, G3SEK" <>
Subject: Re: [Amps] Switch-mode HV power supply
From: "Oleg Skydan" <>
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 18:18:11 +0200
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Hi, All !

> The reason for this inquiry is that I'm preparing a talk on power amps 
> for the GM DX Convention. They have asked me to include some comments 
> about "tubes v transistors" with a focus on DXing, contesting and 
> DXpeditions. Comparing cost, size, weight and reliability for the two 
> different technologies, an interesting question pops up: are our 
> existing tube amps as small and lightweight as they could be?

Check the DL2KQ web site. There is a lot of info about the compact
power amplifiers with transformerless power supply. He uses a 220-240V
mains with 4x rectifier-multiplier. The isolation is achived by using HF 
transformer at the PA's input and capacitors (3000 pF) at the output.

Many hams use such constructions in the former USSR and they are
very satisfied.

All the best !
Oleg Skydan
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