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Subject: Re: [Amps] Re: Drake L7 newbie
From: (Uwe Egen)
Date: 26 Mar 2004 08:30 GMT
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Hi Tom,
A friend of mine use one L4b for a long time until today. In high 
voltage position near 1200 W comes out at 110 W in on 10m.
Discovered a small problem. The rectifier diodes in PS are small too.
Replacing diodes to standard 3 A rectifiers solves the problem.
In 87-88 defending against intruder was important. My ham friend could
not resist to put an old FT-560 as a driver with 260W out (only cw).
The L4b did his work for a while and then some tube pins have been
desoldered. After new soldering L4b comes back to earth.
In 2003 new soldering was impossible because I found significant cracks
at glass bottom around the pins. End of tube set.
Uwe, DL9NC
BTW, L4b is wide similar L7 except silver coated tank coil. 

> Now for my questions. What are users of this amp typically running it at and 
> is 600 W output all I should expect on CW? Can higher voltage be used without 
> exceeding the ratings of the tubes or amp itself?
> 73,
> Tom N2CU <><
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