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[Amps] solid state relays, again

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Subject: [Amps] solid state relays, again
From: "Dick Hanson" <>
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 20:13:49 -0500
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The Commander amps have nothing special on the primary side of the HV trans
nor in line with the separate fil trans.
The 1200 series amps use one relay and the larger amps use two.
I believe I remember seeing 3 amp diodes as HV rectifiers. The filter caps
are Nichicon (like the ones hashed and re-hashed in earlier threads on here)
on the amps I have seen and owned.

Someone said it earlier, but, these amps just work, year after year since
the early nineties or thereabouts.
In other words, maybe the theory isn't perfect, but the circuitry surely
works. No thumps, no arcs, no problems.....

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