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Subject: RE: [Amps] FL2100
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Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2004 11:22:36 +0200
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I have experienced the same problem with a FL2100B amp.
SWR was 3-5:1 on all bands, almost impossible for the TS-940 tuner.
The cause was that all the brown mica (?) capacitors in the input filters
had lost capacitance.
Capacitors that should be 1nF measured only 2-300pF !
The chassis mountes capacitors were all fine but the brown ones needed
They looked fine on the outside. Can't remember the manufacturer or type.
Replacing capacitors can be done by removing the lid on the input network
and changing capacitors with new ones with proper values and ratings. I used
a smaller size 500v mica caps supplied from ELFA(Sweden) and they worked

73 de LA6MV

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A friend of mine has a FL2100 amp, and has it priced at a reasonable price.
The amp has a problem. The SWR on all bands is much too high, between the
radio and the amp. Could someone give me some suggestions on what to look
for. Could it be a tube causing this, or some other component in the imput.
I would have thought the tuned imput would have been the problem, but it
happens on all bands. Has anyone else had any experience with this problem.
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