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RE: [BULK] - [Amps] Advice on instruments for ham use

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Subject: RE: [BULK] - [Amps] Advice on instruments for ham use
From: Steve Katz <>
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 10:38:25 -0800
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If you know how to use an oscilloscope, you definitely know what features to
look for.  I'd recommend the local "Trader" papers rather than the 'net,
since used 'scopes are extremely common items sold by lots of non-hams.  All
three of my 'scopes, which include a 500 MHz dual-trace digital storage
scope (Tektronix), were purchased used, locally, from people's garages.  The
Tek cost me $150 and still had lab calibration tags from Northrup, with the
calibration still current....-WB2WIK/6

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> Subject:      [BULK] - [Amps] Advice on instruments for ham use
> I'm interested in acquiring a used solid-state oscilloscope for ham use.
> I 
> know this isn't the place to ask, but hope that people who hang out here 
> can point me to a ham radio homebrew or similar mailing list where people 
> would have good advice on which models, what to pay, etc.  There are 
> skillions of Google results based on searching for the above topics but 
> nothing, so far, that looks like the right answer.
> Thanks!
> 73, Pete N4ZR
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