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[Amps] Alpha -91b Problem

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Subject: [Amps] Alpha -91b Problem
From: "Brass Pounder" <>
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2005 14:47:55 -0500
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Hey folks,

A friend of mine (W6AAN)  reported a problem with his Alpha-91b (2XGU-74B, 
made in Bulgaria): when attempting to send CW at speed more than 5 WPM at 
1500W output,  the protection kicks on. Nothing similar happens at output 
power less or about 700 W. The same RIG (TS870S) works just fine with a 
different amplifier. There are more clues:

1. On SSB mode - no problem, Alpha-91b delivers full output power.
2. Tried ALC "on" and "off" - the problem is still there.
3. This happens on ALL bands.
4. VSWR on all bands is less than 1.1:1
5. On CW mode, brick on the key - no problem, Alpha delivers 1500 W as long 
as the key is depressed.
As soon as sequence of dots from the rig is being sent to the AMP - the 
protection kicks on.

Any ideas?

bp (wf3j)

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