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Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2005 05:20:51 -0000
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Dear friend
I'm the owner of a good one! Never had a problem, very strong
amplifier which supplys full power on all bands flawlessy.
Consider that I'm a RTTY operator and this is dangerous if you
don't have a "heavy" amplifier. I also own an Alpha 89 but frankly
I prefer 86 because less sensitive to RF.
Ciao 73
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Subject: [Amps] Alpha 86

> N4DEK wrote
>  I have just purchased an Alpha 86 amplifier that is supposed to be in
> new condition inside and out and working perfect with full output. This is
> first Alpha amp and I am interested in any pros/cons that I need to be
> of with this model. I'm curious about all the talk about the PIN diodes
>  weak in this one. What if anything do I need to do to protect these from
> being a  problem? Do I need to keep some spare fuses on hand for this? Any
> all help  welcome.
> Thanks,Don
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> Base on my experience, get a large supply of the small receive fuses!   I
> an 86 for several months; it was a fine amp, EXCEPT for the pin diodes
> causing the receive fuse to blow every 4 or 5 times I used the amp (into a
> with flat SWR on all bands).  When the fuse blows, the amp still
functions,  but
> you can't hear anything unless you manually switch into "Standby"  mode.
> fun trying to break a pile-up that way!  I must admit that  I hoped the
> who sold it to me (without mentioning this problem) would  develop some
kind of
> very unpleasant skin condition...
> I had LENGTHY conversations with Alpha Tech Support.  I replaced  the pin
> diodes, at their suggestion, which had no effect (which they warned me
> happen).  Their final word was that not much could be done--some 86s  had
> problem, some didn't, and they really didn't know why or how to fix  it,
> of pulling the pin diode system and replacing them with vacuum  relays.
> also warned me NOT to use a higher rated receive fuse, at  risk of blowing
> HV PS.
> I finally sold it (at a loss) to a W6 who is a broadcast engineer, and who
> rebuilt it with hi speed relays and re-sold it.
> I eventually brought a used 87A. I  had some initial probs, but worked
> them with help from Tech Support, and it has served me well for the past 2
> years.  I still like Alpha products, but they seems to have gone astray on
> 86.
> Good luck, and 73
> Sam
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