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[Amps] ESI 251 LCR Meter

Subject: [Amps] ESI 251 LCR Meter
From: "Will Matney" <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 23:31:31 -0500
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I added another LCR meter to my shop and found it to be one of the best I've 
used. I acquired an ESI (Electro Scientific Industries) model 251 digital LCR 
meter and just tried it out. This one uses the 4 wire measurement with Kelvin 
clips. Most of the others, including the analog bridges have problems when 
moving the test leads or having your hands close to the DUT. This one I found 
has none of these problems. It doesn't matter where the leads are, or their 
spacing. You can even hold a large copper coil in your hand and measure it with 
the same reading as it would have by itself. Matter of fact, I measured a 2.4 
uH tank coil today and squeezed it in and out watching it change from 2.4 to 
about 3 uH. I checked it with a 1 mH standard, and also with a 1000 pF standard 
making sure it was within spec. Most of the other models too wont measure but 
to maybe a minimum of 1-2 uH. This one will read to .001 uH and has selectable 
scales from 1 to 1000 uH (1 mH), or 3 ranges just in uH.
  If you ever want one, try to get one of these as I've found this to be the 
most stable and easiest to use of any so far. Found it on eBay for a song.



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