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Re: [Amps] Help, My SB-220 is sick

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Help, My SB-220 is sick
From: GGLL <>
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 00:01:12 -0300
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        I should start lifting the HV connection to the bottom of the plate 
then power on to see what happen, a (maybe) tube related problem or a power
supply problem.

best regards
Guillermo - LU8EYW.

Greg S escribió:
> Well, after several years of good service, I have a
> problem. I turned the amp on tonight, and was greeted
> with a "whine" (for lack of better term), and I
> thought (imagined?) I saw a spark from underneath. I
> quickly turned the switch back off, and got calmed
> down. I took her out of the cabinet, and find no
> obvious visual problems, so back on with the inside
> cover, and quickly turn it on and off remotely from
> the breaker box. Still have the noise, and it shows HV
> going up, and PLate current starts to move up as I
> chicken out, and turn power back off. The noise starts
> to subside after power off, and becomes a "click", as
> the HV on the meter goes back to zero. The Click slows
> down in frequency as the HV approaches Zero, also
> bouncing in relation to each click. My thinking is the
> "whine" is just these clicks at a high rate of speed.
> I am not afraid to begin to troubleshoot the old gal,
> but was wondering if anyone had Ideas of "1st thing I
> would check" type of things, given the poor
> description of symptoms above. It does this every time
> I turn it on. I only have it on about 1 second before
> shutting it down again. Sorry this is so long. Thanks
> for the help, and have fun at Field Day!!
> 73- Greg Schippers, KC8HXO
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