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[Amps] 3CX1500DZ?

Subject: [Amps] 3CX1500DZ?
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 01:58:44 EDT
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I see there was a thread previously posted on this tube.  Has anyone  on the 
list tried
them as a retrofit for 3-500Z's?  Problems that you might have  encountered?
I have a Henry 3KA, with a heavy duty Peter Dahl transformer which gives me  
4200 volts 
with about 1 amp current capabilty.  I've been running it with a  variac to 
drop the
voltage down to a comfortable point for the 3-500Z's.  
So, naturally, since I have the stronger power supply, I'm wondering if I  
can use
a PAIR of the new 3CX1500D7 tubes?
What do you guys think?
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