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[Amps] Hp 3570A vna TSPA

Subject: [Amps] Hp 3570A vna TSPA
From: "John T. M. Lyles" <>
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 11:39:07 -0600
List-post: <>
David Kirkby, G8WRB said:
>There is on eBay at the minute what appears to be a very cheap HP
>network analyser, which I guess would double as a cheap power meter too.

I posted this here on June 18, but I am reposting, due to the 
interest in the 3570A on EPAY:

I have a complete HP3570A system, which is in excellent condition, 
including the 3330B sweeping synthesizer and both manuals. When they 
were sold together with a HP 9820 computer, it was called a 3040A 
network analyzer. I do not have the obsolete computer to go with it. 
The system has GPIB, and I have a complete hardcopy listing of a 
3040A operating program in Rocky Mountain Basic for someone who would 
like to enter it either into one of the old HP computers or port it 
to a PC with a GPIB board.
I don't see that it is needed for most work, however.

I never used the computer with it, as i was only interested in 
visually measuring the loss/phase of transmission through filters, 
tuned networks and transformers. It is fine for that, very accurate 
actually, but as someone pointed out, it doesn't measure VSWR or S11. 
To do so would probably require a resistive power splitter and a 
wideband (LF at least) directional coupler from Mini Circuits or 
other. It would probably be better to use an antenna analyzer for 
that function, as the 3040A system is two full chassis and another 
for the XY display.

To record the results, one can step through the frequency sweep of 
10, 100, or 1000 points, and manually record the numbers for phase 
and magnitude of the the transmission response. The nice thing about 
the 3570A (and the later 3577A and 3589A) was that it had 1 Meg input 
Z, so to use it for 50 or 600 ohm (audio) circuit, they included BNC 
terminators to install on the input. This is lacking in the higher 
frequency boxes  such as the HP8751A, 8753A,  and an expensive high Z 
input adaptor box had to be acquired.

The specs of the 3570A are 120 dB dynamic range, 0.01 dB amplitude 
and 0.01 deg phase resolution. Frequency can be stepped as small as 
0.1 Hz for XTAL testing, and the sig gen can output -86 to +13 dBm. 
It also does power sweeps in very precise fashion from the same 

I am selling this thing, would ship in three boxes, with a HP120B 
series rack mounted X-Y display (like new also) to do quick sweeps 
without storing data (for tuning things). $400 or BO and I have 
photos available.


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