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Re: [Amps] Grid Meter Confusion

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Grid Meter Confusion
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Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 10:11:17 -0500
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Hello, Mike,
Are you running the tube grounded grid?
If so, the grid pins on the tube socket all need to be strapped to chassis
ground via short straps. To improve stability and kill some bad habits,
especially if you are running over 5 kv on the anode, you need to put a 10
ohm resistor in series with a 25 pf disk ceramic capacitor from each
filament pin to ground with leads as short as possible. The grid current is
measured from the center-tap of the filament transformer to chassis ground
with your 500 ma meter (B-).

Will need further info to comment more....

Phil, K5PC

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Subject: [Amps] Grid Meter Confusion

Hello Amper's,

   I added a grid padding resistor too my 4-1000a amp,
300ma dc meter too reduce the meter from slamming in
the corner. I'm confused as too why I now have more
output power from the amp. I know this sound's
strange, but this  is exactly what has happened in my
case. This is my first amp project and I am a complete
neophyte. I have a 500ma dc meter comming to replace
the 300ma dc meter.

Can someone give a reason for this ?


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