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[Amps] Why preference for 3CPX800A7?

Subject: [Amps] Why preference for 3CPX800A7?
From: Dave Haupt <>
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 12:36:55 -0800 (PST)
List-post: <>
The original reason that hams preferred the P version
of the tube was the same reason for most of our
preferences: price and availability.

The tube was used in relatively high quantities in MRI
equipment.  Users of MRI equipment routinely replace
tubes as a preventive measure, and there were
literally thousands of "P" type tubes made avaialable
as full-output pulls for a fraction of the price of a
non-P tube.  

Since the non-P version of the tube was predominantly
used in ham amps, when you did find a rare used one,
it was generally used up.

For any ham application I know of, there's no
technical reason to choose one over the other.


Dave W8NF

===W4TH wrote:====

Hello all;
Can someone tell me what makes a 3CPX800A7 is so much
better than a plain 
3cx800a7 tube?
The 3cx800a7 tubes were all the amateur amps had in
the way of a 3cx800a7 
type tube for many many years before the 3cpx800a7 was
introduced, and lets 
face it, for all that time the plain 3cx800a7 tubes
seemed to work just 
fine.....Now everyone seems to only want 3cpx800a7
tubes.....I have a pair 
of plain 3cx800a7 tubes I ran in an old Commander amp
for 15 years, and when 
I pulled them out they were only down about 5% from
the new set I put 
in.....Don't sound like an inferior product to me.

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