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[Amps] FL2100Z mods & tips wanted

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Subject: [Amps] FL2100Z mods & tips wanted
From: Kees - pa7two <>
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2006 18:00:55 +0000
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Hi all AMPers, 

I have a Yaesu FL2100z, which when it arrived at my house was burned-out in 
several components. I was lucky enough to find all the replacements parts by 
the help of Yaesu Europe and Yaesu USA. 

I also fitted the amp with new Chinese tubes, 572B type. I observed that after 
a tune up that the grid resistors and anode fuse (630ma) blew up. Reading the 
internetpages, I read that the TC2, the neutraliszation cap, could be the 
cullprit in this design, making the amp unstable. So I removed this TC2 and 
indeed the amp is steady now, no more surprises.
However, I observe a very bad input SWR on all bands after the removal of TC2. 
Now my question is, who did the same mod as me, removing the TC2 cap, and 
reworked in the input circuits? Who can give me some hints & tricks to get this 
amp up and running with a (much) better SWR?  

Vy 73, de Kees


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