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Subject: [Amps] P.S. Filter Capacitors
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Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2007 06:38:16 -0500
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Good Morning All,

Some many moons ago in a roundtable I had with OT friends W2UJR & KA9QLF, the 
subject of using AC motor starting / running capacitors --- in place of 
electrolytic capacitor "strings" --- in high voltage power supplies came up...

Both Dick and Steve stated that such a practice was frugal, effective, and 
quite common in an earlier time, with the bonus being that the working AC 
voltage ratings of such capacitors could be increased significantly in DC 
applications --- upwards of some three-fold, if I recall correctly...

I have the notes of that QSO filed away someplace in my "rubble pile" here, & I 
continue to look for the reference (it's all the more pressing for me now, as I 
contemplate the construction of a new HV supply for another project).

What experience --- if any --- have members of this group had in this 
regard...? And what is the multiplier factor that may be safely applied in such 
instances...? I have a couple of nice, tall, NOS 33 ufd. / 330 VAC G.E. caps 
here that I'd love to put to work, & I'm wondering what they might withstand in 
terms of DC potential.

Thanks in advance, & my vy

~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

PS: Both W2UJR and KA9QLF have (sadly) joined the ranks of SKs --- but through 
natural causes, and NOT as a result of any P.S. mis-adventures...!
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