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[Amps] FL-2100Z with brand new tubes

Subject: [Amps] FL-2100Z with brand new tubes
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2007 19:34:21 -0300
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Thanks for who answered the prior questions about the FL2100Z. I am
looking for feedbacks/comments on the power output levels I am measuring.

I have serviced the equipment (relay contact cleaning, bias adjs, new input
circuit for 30M,   volage check, etc...) and also replaced the tubes by
brand new RF PARTS Taylor like tubes.

I am using an Icon 706MKII as the exciter. Delivers something between 80
to 90W.

On Lower bands I  get 600-700W into a dummy load, with max output of the
Icon 706 into. On 160m only 400W. It seems it would need more capcitance
the load capacitor to get increase power.

However from 17m to 10m I notice a considerable decraese of power (and amp
gain). An almost 500W on 17m  and only a tough >400W on 10m.

I would not blame te tubes because other than being new they seem to be
allright. NO red plates and no arcing.

BTW I am using a steady 220V mains input. The plate voltage with full load
is about 2KV. IP Current is in the whereabouts of 500mA. I also have
neutralized the amp and max out = plate deep. SWR between exciter and amp
always <1.5. Exciter is always delivering the due power out. No pwr
reduction or whatsoever is noticed by high SWR.

I would add that I agree with commnets that I have seen that the
neutralization system is poor. I also have seen people that simply took
the TC2 out. I am wondering what is the right thing to do.

I tend to say that my readings  would be close to normal given the amount
of junk between the finals and the antenna jack, including band switches.
However I would expect an EASY 500W on 10m, not a "difficult" 400W.

I am suspcious of the SWR meter board. It has been touched by someone
before and I would guess that a direct path to the output connector would
be better.

Comments are appreciated

Fred PY2XB

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