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Re: [Amps] New Guy, Old 813 amp

Subject: Re: [Amps] New Guy, Old 813 amp
From: "Pat Barthelow" <>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007 18:11:04 -0700
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I think there might  be difficulties getting to 10 meters for the output 
netowrk.. for a pair of 813's due to large plate capacitances.

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>From: "Bowen, Scott M. (JSC-CC)[LM]" <>
>To: "Tom W8JI" <>, "N7SC" <>
>Subject: Re: [Amps] New Guy, Old 813 amp
>Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2007 19:29:45 -0500
>I guess that is a big option, at the moment. I think I need to learn how to 
>build tank circuits, as I am trying to figure out how to add 10 meters to 
>it, but the 813 GG circuits I have seen are not helping me much for uH 
>requirements on the coil taps...
>Great challenge, but I hate being a new guy...
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>To: N7SC; Bowen, Scott M. (JSC-CC)[LM]
>Subject: Re: [Amps] New Guy, Old 813 amp
>The biggest problem is mechanical, like mounting a switch in
>the amp. It's pretty easy to handle the rest.
>I think you are asking for more problems by using a
>transplant because none of the component values will be
>correct and the mounting aspects might be worse.
>Why not find a switch and then build around it? There isn't
>any law the switch has to be ganged to the tank switch.
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