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Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 16:32:07 -0700
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Like you my choice was slightly driven by cost.  I considered a choice
between the AL-82 and the AL-1500, I ended up with the AL-1500 because
it only needs 60 watts of drive from the exciter and as my Ft-2000 seems
to have fairly low talk power without distortion this worked for me. I
would add the Ameritron are not the best looking amps with the enclosure
etc., but the components used inside are pretty robust.

I am hoping the 8877 will last me a long time as they cost about 500
bucks plus, but then I guess 2 x 3-500's in the AL-82 would cost 300
bucks anyway.  The other plus with Ameritron is the parts are available
from their web page and will be for a long time, I am not sure that
could be said for all amplifier makers around at the moment. 

I thought the same as you about the solid state amps, would the devices
be available in 10 years time, the way solid state technology goes,
maybe not.

By the way I got the Al-1500 from Texas Towers for about 2,600.00, much
cheaper than other amps and I am happy with Ameritron as a company. 


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I switching from a Titan amp to something new. I don't
care if it has QSK or not.

I know I won't get the power the Titan had but I never
pushed it high anyway.

The Tokyo Hy Power looks nice but I'm concerned that
it will be too sensitive to SWR and RF. Also, will
finals always be around for it.

My other choice is Amertirin AL82. Enough power and
tubes are not a problem.

 Alpha is too expensive.

Appreciate suggestions.

73,  Gerry

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