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Re: [Amps] Amps Digest, Vol 54, Issue 3

Subject: Re: [Amps] Amps Digest, Vol 54, Issue 3
From: "Tyrone Burns Sr." <>
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2007 09:21:10 -0700 (PDT)
List-post: <>
mark, gongrats on the acquisition!!!  as far as the
4-400s' . don't try replacing the 3-500s' with them.
the 4-400s'a are screen grid tubes and the 3-500s' are
grounded. the 4-400s' don't like grounded grid
configuration.  check out BAMA and web pages 
for manuals and schematics . they both have a lot of
stuff.if you use join up by sending him a
msnual or schematic that he don't have. you can do a
single download , only if you do not view it first.
vistors are allowed one viewing or download per day,
so be sure of what you are looking for. the
BAMA(boatanchor manual archive is a good site also.
downloads are bit iff at the regular site, but if you
go to the edirisste or link that is listed ,, it flies
much faster and is easier to navigate through. just
remeber to look in all directories kisted on the page.
some will slip by if you are looking close.   

cul  tyrone  n5xes

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