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To: Harold Mandel <>
Subject: Re: [Amps] Wire
From: Larry Benko <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 09:18:07 -0600
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I had responded to Rich last week but I guess he either didn't like my 
answer or just wanted more opinions.

Look at 

for more than you probably want to know.  I measured some 20 or 22 gauge 
twisted Teflon and Tefzel wire a few years ago and couldn't see any 
difference other than Tefzel has a slightly higher dielectric constant 
(2.6 vs 2.2).  Tefzel is not rated to quite as high temperature but both 
are plenty high enough. :)

Also in may last job we used only Tefzel wire in aircraft products.  I 
think it is becoming more common that Teflon insulated wire.  Also the 
breakdown voltage is higher than Teflon and the material is harder which 
is good for wire that is wound against a surface.  Both Teflon and 
Tefzel are DuPont registered trademarks.

73, Larry W0QE

Harold Mandel wrote:
>  Rich
> [snip]
> Does any know a reason why TefzelR ETFE insulated wire would not be as
> good or better because the dielectric strength is even higher...
> [snip]
> A balun will generate heat.
> Manufacturers of popular baluns realized
> stations would attempt to load RF into 
> huge mismatches and because they wanted
> to reduce warranty claims, went for the 
> cheapest solution that would withstand 
> heated wires the longest.
> While PTFE insulated wire is a common
> choice for commercial balun products there
> are always upgrades in quality.
> Why not build such a device and test it
> using your ETFE stuff?  Mismatch it
> and report on its ability to handle 
> high temperatures.
> I for one would be very interested in
> insulation that would surpass PTFE.
> Hal Mandel
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