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[Amps] Henry Radio and 3CX1500A7 socket?

Subject: [Amps] Henry Radio and 3CX1500A7 socket?
From: TMorton <>
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2008 13:34:56 -0300
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I am looking for the socket for the above tube...SK-2210. I see on Ebay 
that "Henry Radio" is selling these for $29.95 + shipping. They have 99% 
positive feedback (covers a little over 3000 transactions) but I am 
skeptical of the price being about 1/3 of the going rate.
Are these guys legit and is their socket the real deal? NO where in the 
site does it specifically say SK-2210, are there others out there?
Tnx & 73
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