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Subject: Re: [Amps] power and db
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Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 19:00:27 +0100
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Pertinent remark Paul. 
I add a less pertinent observation.......
I have only the output of a FT1000mp, say 80 to 90 ( reel ) watts. 
Mostly active in CW contest, or a interesting pile-up.( less DX )
Most of the time the big brothers just wipe me out, so a transistorized Amp
900 to 1000 Watts would  bring me to a gain of about 10db, slightly more
than 1.5 S** points!! Until today I estimated one can better spend 320 €/db
on a good antenna.....! 
But that's only MHO !! or MHP (purse).
Nevertheless I also often watched the Characteristics of the full automatic
EXPERT 1Kw-FA, more interested by its automation then by its power.... Maybe
one day a good star & a good lottery!!  

73 to all 

** Depends also on the S meter, whether it is a Italien or a Scottish one

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Did I miss something in school? Probably. All the discussions on modifying 
linears for a few more watts seems ridiculous, or at least frivolous. db=10 
log P1 /P2 still applies doesn't it?
Double the actual output power rating of that fine L 4 or SB220 from 1000 w 
to 2000 w will only increase your signal strength on the receiving end by 
3db, 1/2 s unit.
IF you could increase your output fourfold, 4000 watss output (that would be
illegal) you would only gain one S unit.
Attempt to do either and you will only exponentially increase your problems.
Have all the fun you want but increasing output on a kw linear by a couple 
hundred watts just doesn't improve anything.
Like the man says, work on your antenna where you can make a difference.
And, if you are really disappointed with that L4 or SB220 you could send it 
here. I'd like it just the way it is.
Paul K0UYA 

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