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Re: [Amps] The SB220 Mystique

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Subject: Re: [Amps] The SB220 Mystique
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I never had any sort of TVI with my SB-220s over the years.

Sounds like that particular one had some sort of problem, like a VHF 


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Price, huge quantity made, high survival rate, most repair parts readily 

You dont get TVI with a good LPF.


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Subject: [Amps] The SB220 Mystique

A question for the "experts" on this list....

Why do people like the SB220 so much? What is it that makes this amp so 
"popular" because it has never been "popular" with me.

Yes, I have owned one SB220 and had it for 5 or 6 years...and then I've 
operated several others. I always thought they were TVI Generators. 
Using a Kenwood 820 or 830 or and 850 to drive it...the SB220 seemed to 
make TVI a standard ouput. I tried everything to make sure it was 
shielded right, grounded correctly, driven properly, Filters, etc...but 
alas and alack...I could never get it NOT to generate TVI.

Now, I understand the engineering that went into this amp. It is a 
classic, but for me when I got rid of it I rejoiced. I've operated an 
Alpha 76PA and 91B - Amertron AL80A and AL82 and never had a TVI 

The SB220 is going for way to high of price on Ebay. I am just wondering 
what all the "experts" say about this amp. I will not own one again, but 
I am curious as to the opinions.

Lee Buller

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