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Re: [Amps] Quieting SB-1000

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Quieting SB-1000
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Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 16:14:12 -0000
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EBM/Pabst blowers are significantly quieter than Dayton.  They make many 
sizes.  Look them up on Google.  I have a G2E085-AA05 EBM blower that will 
cool a pair of 3CX800's.  The blower generates 56 CFM @ 0 back pressure. 
The complete specs for this fan is on the EBM website.  I used the twin to 
this blower to cool a pair of 8874's in a Dentron MLA 2500 conversion and it 
was overkill.   $50 plus $10 Priority shipping.

Also have a EBM/Pabst G2E120-AR54 blower that generates 152CFM@ 0 back 
pressure.  I am using the twin to this blower to cool a pair of 4CX1500B's. 
It's a little louder than the 085 but blows 3x the air.  $80 plus $10 
shipping.  BTW, both of these blowers are 115vac and have the start caps.

Thanks for reading,
Bob W6TR
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>I gave up on the domestic fans and switched to Papst years ago. Pricey
> but superb German quality and very quiet.
> Amp Supply used the Papst on the LK-800 series 3 holers and it even
> keeps those cool.
> Carl
> KM1H
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>> The AL-80A is the same amp as the SB-1000 and I had one in here for
>> repair
>> and it needed a new fan too.  Needless to say I found out  that
>> changing the
>> fan was no easy task.  I refused to remove the transformer and
>> painstakingly
>> replaced the old fan with a new one, and indeed it was necessary
>> somehow to
>> glue or tape the nuts to the fan before installation.  It truly  was a
>> nightmare.  I think I had to hack up the old fan pretty bad to get it
>> out.  As I
>> recall it was a nightmare to replace that fan, but I did do it
>> without removing
>> the transformer.  I recall making a slight groove in the  side chassis
>> so I
>> could get a long screwdriver into the work area to tighten one  screw.
>> Replacing
>> this fan is certainly NOT a job for the faint of  heart!  Needless to
>> say I
>> said a few choice words during this  process!  My mother would have
>> surely put
>> soap in my mouth if she heard me  while doing this job!!
>> Vic, sorry about your transformer hum, but transformers usually hum
>> because
>> they don't know the words. :-)  Lou
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