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Re: [Amps] Open letter

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Open letter
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Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2009 19:10:41 -0700
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Thanks for your timely guidance Fern...

Can't we all just get along?

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      I would think that this nonsense has gone on long enough on the 
  reflector. Could you guys please deal with your problems off line as I'm 
  sure that most subscribers don't need to hear all of this crap.  Fern

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  > Good points Jeff...
  > My problem was always getting any kind of commitment -- you know, "I can 
  > build you this, for $$$."  Never could get an actionable response except 
  > the dollars kept going up and the size transformer kept going down, with 
  > never an intercept.
  > It's simple -- when someone shows up at your door with $$$, tell them what 
  > you can and if the like it, a deal can be made.  Two months later, I still 
  > never got a price and performance commitment.
  > Leeds me to conclude he does not want this sort of work.
  > Sure would have liked to know that weeks ago...
  > -S
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  >  Gentlemen,
  >  For context, let me say that I am a sales and management teams trainer
  >  by profession, and an engineer by training.  Which means that I do have
  >  long experience from both the viewpoints of sales and engineering -
  >  typically these viewpoints are not the same.
  >  And I would like to say that Carl has a point - in that Jeff is very
  >  good at telling you what cannot be done.
  >  However, I beleive the issue here is that this approach, one of a
  >  somewhat conservative outlook, is very typical of the engineering
  >  outlook.  In my case, it's justified because I'm trying to get 20 pounds
  >  of goodies to fit into a 10 pound space.  It could be characterized as a
  >  "under promise and over deliver" outlook.
  >  Jeff spent about 50 minutes with me on the phone the other day without
  >  asking for the order, or even a follow on.  [Bad boy, from a sales
  >  standpoint.]  But from a confidence building standpoint, following that
  >  discussion I am 100.000% sure that what he were to supply me would meet
  >  (and by a stretch, far exceed) the specs he is willing to sign up for.
  >  The guy clearly has his engineering hat on and was not looking to close
  >  the sale.  I have corresponded with him on quite a few other subjects
  >  over the last year and found his replies informative and timely.
  >  The trouble as I see it is when a guy is in the marginal area, as I am,
  >  where the union of conservative design and desired performance just
  >  cannot match due to the space restriction.  That can lead to frustration
  >  simply because we as buyers want to hear that our dreams can be manifest
  >  even if it means disregarding the physics we are constrained by.  Jeff
  >  will just not give me the "to get to x, you need to be willing to
  >  sacrifice y and z" kind of answer.  He is strictly conservative in his
  >  comments, construction and discussions.  Again, reflecting a pretty
  >  traditional engineering view point.  In my case, the $$ are mid range;
  >  but I really can appreciate the trouble guys who want to buy a "big boy
  >  sized transformer" are running into.  The cost of entry onto the dance
  >  floor is really high...
  >  Having pontificated on those points, my suggestion to end the arguing
  >  and come back with facts would simply be to identify a competing company
  >  that can meet Carl's performance and price goals.  So far I've not found
  >  another guy that was willing to chat me up about my requirements as Jeff
  >  did.  Absent another vendor who is willing and able to  provide  "a
  >  better deal" (be it price, performance, delivery, etc), the benefit of
  >  the doubt has to go to Jeff.  He's like the local hardware store in a
  >  small town.  The selection and price may not fit your needs exactly, but
  >  he's a known entity and has a proven ability to deliver.
  >  Despite not being able to get the answer from him that I wanted
  >  (yet...), I do find his straight-forward approach refreshing in an era
  >  where "over promise and under deliver" is more of the typical case.
  >  My two cents...
  >  73/jeff/ac0c
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