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[Amps] Acom 1000 caps?

Subject: [Amps] Acom 1000 caps?
From: TMorton <>
Date: Thu, 05 Mar 2009 16:42:03 -0200
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My 5 yr Acom 1000 went 'KAPOW' a couple of days ago. It was sitting in 
standby awaiting action. This is the 3rd time I have had 
'kapow'....first was about 1.5 years ago. Found there was a spot on the 
bottom of one cap (Acom uses 8 150uf/450v caps) that appeared to have 
shorted to the bottom of the chassis. Acom had used some sort of rubber 
looking thingy to insulate and act as shock absorber under the double 
row of caps. We removed the rubber and liberally applied tape to the 
bottom of the offending cap...
Second 'kapow' was about 2 months ago. This time we found that R1A, a 3w 
resistor in the HV supply had cooked itself. Replaced and all was fine 
until a couple of days ago. We (Pedro/CX5BW) and I did some 
troubleshooting and discovered that the original offending cap (the one 
with tape on the bottom) was now leaking....cant find those replacement 
caps here in CX land so we jury rigged a 470uF 450v cap  in  its' place 
and all is well.
I am heading for states next week and will pick up some caps; probably 
good idea to replace all 8 now....sooo, my question is: any problem with 
increasing the caps to 220 uF/450v caps? They would be prefect fit as 
they are 25 x 40mm...original were 25 x 43. This would help with the 
clearance from the bottom of the caps to the chassis.
What say you, gang?

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