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[Amps] FS: Parts that may be of some use in Amplifiers

Subject: [Amps] FS: Parts that may be of some use in Amplifiers
From: Radio WC6W <>
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2009 08:55:32 -0700 (PDT)
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1N2804A 6.8V 50 Watt Zener Diodes, TO-3  NOS -- $10 each

Stancor Transformer P-6461 117 VAC Primary / 10VCT @ 10 A Secondary, used -- $25

Triad Transformers -- 115V 60CPS Primary

   F21A 6.3VCT @ 10A Secondary, Used -- $20

   F28U 6.3/7.5 VCT @ 25A Secondary, NOS -- $40 

Adtech Power 120V AC in / 5V @ 10A Switching Power Supplies.  Made in USA, hi 
reliability units employing metal cased transistors!  Fully enclosed anodized 
aluminum cases w/ barrier terminal strips.  Good for 8877, or similar heaters 
with external soft start circuit.  $30 ea.

Cardwell -- XR-1000PS 1000pF Air Variable Capacitors.  About 4.5" x 4" x 3.5" 
overall including plate travel. .030 air gap. Used, Good condition. $20 ea.

Sprague 3600pF @ 30KV Doorknob capacitor.  Red epoxy encased style -- $25

28uH Roller Coil, 42 Turns #12, a skosh over 2" in diameter, 8 TPI, 3" x3" x 7" 
overall plus 3" shaft. Fiberglass coil supports. I think that this is the coil 
employed in the MFJ-989 antenna tuner. Excellent condition. $50 

Toroidal Tank coil -- The core is fiberglass & resin encased. It is currently 
wound with 20 turns of #12 wire. There are notches in the form for up to 40 
turns. It is a bit over 4 inches in diameter and about 1-3/4" thick. This was 
made by Bob, W6YUY. See his article in August 1985 Ham Radio magazine "Design a 
Toroidal Tank Circuit for you Vacuum Tube Amplifier". $50

Eimac -- Databook set circa 1985 in two large yellow Eimac 3 ring binders. 
Includes data sheets from 1976 edition and earlier. Very good condition. $200 

Eimac HR-8 plate dissipator used, a mite tarnished $10

Eimac HR-6 plate dissipators, NOS pair $20.

Eimac HR-6 plate dissipators used, tarnished, pair $10

Eimac SK-620 sockets, "unused" pair. One is a SK-620; the other a SK-620A. 
Probably 40 years old, a bit tarnished from storage, and unused except the 
heater pins on one were once soldered... probably to check some tubes. $60 for 
the pair.

Johnson 122-237 ceramic 7 pin giant socket for 813, etc. NOS, $15

Johnson 122-248 ceramic 7 pin septar socket (accepts 7094, 8877, 832A), with 
base ring & ceramic spring retained (parallel) plate bar for 832A. Used, good 
condition. $10

Johnson 124-115-2 UHF socket similar to Eimac SK-620. NOS, but, a mite 
tarnished from age. $40

Pair of ceramic 7 pin giant sockets for 813, etc. Used, $15 pair

Amphenol MHV connectors: Two 28100 right angle cable males & two 27025 panel 
mount females. NOS -- $40 all.

Amp SHV connectors: Two cable connectors 51426-5 NOS + two used panel 
connectors. -- $40 all.

UG-932 A/U MHV Male Cable connectors, NOS -- $10 ea 

UG-961 A/U MHV Female Panel connector, NOS -- $12 

Water cooled heatsinks -- 12" x 8" used, drilled for TO-3's plus a few diodes. 
Back is flat. 3/8" water lines. $50 pair

ILG Electric Ventilation -- 17-18-022A squirrel cage type fan. Encased motor 
with 181-009-EA fan 115/230 VAC 1.6A/.8A 50/60Hz 3000 RPM 4+" round intake, 3+" 
x 4-3/4" rectangular output flange, weighs 25 lbs. used -- $25 

Kooltronic -- Model DF1F016N Dual fan style 230 VAC -- 1.2A -- 60Hz -- 3000 RPM 
-- 3+" round intakes, 2.5" x 5" rectangular output flanges, 16" long by about 
7" diameter overall, weigh 15 lbs. These look like NOS but, they are a mite 
dusty from storage. 3 available -- $20 ea.

and of course some panel meters, see:

73 & Good morning,
   Marv WC6W


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