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[Amps] Parting out Heathkit HL-2200

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Subject: [Amps] Parting out Heathkit HL-2200
From: "Jim W7RY" <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2009 22:18:19 -0700
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Parting out a Heathkit HL-2200 amplifier.  I have all parts but the grid/high 
voltage meter, and the rectifier board (It's trashed) Front panel is usable but 
scratched. Non smoker 

Eimac 3-500Z tubes with the phenolic ring on the bottom (1982 date codes)   

Plate Xfmr (3100 volts DC measured with a Fluke) $165.00 

Fil Xfmr $75.00

Band switch (has 10 meters) and all tank coils, intact but will need to be 
cleaned up.  $50.00

Tuned input coil set and switch (has 10 meters) $30.00

Knob set  $30.00

Entire chassis less front panel (good condition scratched, no major dents with 
top and bottom covers and all internal sheet aluminum parts, brackets less cap 
bracket no electronic parts includes rear panel jacks) $65.00

Front panel $40.00

Plate current meter $45.00

3-500 sockets (pair) $30.00 

Switches (all 3 on front panel, work but unknown condition) $30.00

What else do you need?
PayPal accepted and appreciated. Offers considered.

Thanks 73
Jim W7RY
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