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Subject: Re: [Amps] Simpson 260 question
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2009 02:12:33 EDT
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A little more information for the thread...
The site does have specs for most versions of the meter, but 
 does NOT quote specs on the 5000 volt range for any of these models.
There are thousands of older Simpson 260s still in service.  However a  
call to the factory brought this chilling response:  Simpson no longer  
supports any version of the 260 earlier than Series 8.  They will not  service, 
calibrate, supply manuals, parts or ANY information about them, except  to say 
that they pose safety issues, and will not elaborate beyond that. I  believe 
that they want to see them all go away for liability reasons. In fact,  
their Series 9 260s have a maximum voltage rating of only 600 volts.
I think that SM0AOM described the problems attendant with high voltages,  
and Simpson's reluctance to accept liability for HV accidents, but I'm  
disappointed that instead of working to resolve the issues, they chose to avoid 
them entirely. This is rather like putting a speed governor on car engines 
to  prohibit going faster than 20 MPH, because everyone knows that fatal 
accidents  are more likely at higher speeds. 
Sounds like Simpson's latest design was performed by lawyers, rather than  
Steve  Gilbert

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Subject:  Re: [Amps] Simpson 260 question
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Steve, the 260 is a fine VOM but, it is old and the  calibration can't be  
trusted until it is checked with proper  equipment.

The resistors change value with age and who knows what  damage could have  
occurred in the past due to operator error  etc.

Gerald K5GW

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I have a  Simpson 260, Series 5. What I don't have is the  manual for  it. 
What  I'd most like to know is what accuracy  it's rated for on the 5000 
scales, both AC and  DC.  I believe the meter is rated for 2% of  full  
accuracy up to 1000 volts DC and 3% on AC, but I haven't  been able  to  
down a number for the HV scales.

Your   help, as always, is  appreciated!

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