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[Amps] W8ZR's 8877 Amp Schematics

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Subject: [Amps] W8ZR's 8877 Amp Schematics
From: "Jim Garland" <>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 16:04:21 -0700
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Hi Gang,

I received several requests recently for schematic diagrams of my homebrew
8877 amplifier. This is an amp that was described in the Bill Orr W6SAI
Handbook in several editions. I rebuilt the amp in the mid-90's to
incorporate the WARC bands, and also added QSK and electronic bias
switching.The schematics for the upgraded amp have never been published.
Recently, I upgraded the amp again, mostly in the HV power supply. The
latest schematic diagram can be downloaded from



Jim Garland W8ZR


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