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[Amps] Alpha 77 start up

Subject: [Amps] Alpha 77 start up
From: Jan Ditzian <>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 19:59:20 -0500
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Just so you guys do not think I am ignoring you, I appreciate all the 
recommendations.  I already found a bub (tnx Bob) supplier through 
Amazon, and I will consider the LED option as an interesting project, to 
be undertaken when I can sacrifice the current bulbs for bases.  The 
bulb space is exact and small, so with 24 volts coming in, I do not know 
how I can drop the voltage to an LED level, but I have not looked at 
LEDs lately, either.

I will look at everybody's recommendations, but at present, I think the 
next step is to unplug the power and start tracing from the input coax 
connector.  I already tried changing the cable between the amp and the 
exciter--no joy.

My thanks to all who are helping me,

Jan, KX2A
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