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Subject: Re: [Amps] gs35b 144mhz
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Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 09:34:08 -0500
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i do have some on each end of the fillimate chokes but thats about it. the 
sound WAS comming from the cavity its self. had major meltdown. lost many 
components. have most of it fixed now but tube is a goner

i do have some photos on my web site at thanks again to the 

Carey, kc5gtt

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I see no problem as long as it is your own voice you are hearing. Other wise 
contact SYFY channel.
   Those are very high plate currents. Especially the no-load one and for 
the output power.
Is that normal operation or your abnormal operation.
  Do you have any ceramic disc capacitors anywhere in the ckt for bypassing?
Sometimes they can speak to you.

Bill wa4lav

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Subject: [Amps] gs35b 144mhz

Hello all,

i built a yu1aw 2 meter gs-35 amplifier about 8 months ago. been working 
great. just recently i can here my voice coming from the cavity. also the 
tube seems to be glowing a much brighter blue than before. with the lights 
out i can not see any arcing.  the amp is running the following

plate voltage 4100 no load
plate voltage 4600 full load
plate current 1.0a full load
bias -30v
output 1450 on diawa cn801hp

any ideas would be appreciated.

Carey, kc5gtt
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