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[Amps] load resistor

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Subject: [Amps] load resistor
From: "Carey Lockhart, KC5GTT" <>
Date: Sun, 22 May 2011 09:42:09 -0500
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Hey guys,

before i fire my amp back up i think i need to check the stripline resonance. i 
have 4100 volts on the plate of the gs35. what formula should i use to come 
with a resistor value?

or am i going about it wrong. it was working before but not like it should. i 
had very poor efficency. which we have more than covered HI. any suggestions? 
at that voltage 1500 out with 100 watts drive was a reach. i feel i should be 
able to get that with much less drive. i just dont know where to start

Carey, kc5gtt
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