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[Amps] Commander-2000 Issues again

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Subject: [Amps] Commander-2000 Issues again
From: "Robert D." <>
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 20:31:20 -0400
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Hello. Been using mine for a year. Use it mostly on Meteor and Eme, then

About a week ago I noticed that I'd go into transmit mode, the Red-Light
comes on, and power put was as expected .... at first .. then, at random
intervals, the red-light would come on and instantly go off ... and
output was only the drive power.

Over the next few days the issue got worse, more often.

SWR is near zero.

What I see today is that, even with the rig turned off, I can rotate
'Tune' or ;Load' and make the plate current jump up ... and I hear the
load on the transformer.

I took the top off and inspected ... nothing notable as seen.

Wondering what re the symptoms of one of the two, or both, tubes going

When it works, the output is fine. Just seems that it randomly wants to
tell itself it can't, or shouldn't, transmit at random times not related
to how long it's been powered-up. Though, once it happens, it seems i
have to not use it for several minutes then it 'may' work again.

Today, and for the first time, it also switched the green (warmed up)
light off each time it shut the red-light off.

Any of this sound familiar?

thanks again
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