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Subject: Re: [Amps] 4-1000 GG project
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Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2011 18:11:05 -0400
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Subject: [Amps] 4-1000 GG project

> OK guys.... I need the wisdom of the ages... or is that aged?  I  dunno.
> Over twenty years in the making... well, that's when I got the  bottle.
> Over the years I've collected the guts and small parts.  It's  time to put 
> it
> all together.
> Basically adapting the parts that I have to the AA6GK design found on the
> Arkansas ARES/RACES site.
> _
> (
> A couple of questions:
> 1.  Anybody have the specs on a PI-DUX 195-2 coil?  Diameter,  turns,
> length, AWG, etc?
> 2. The big question... his input net starts fine at 160m... 1820 puffs  >>
> 10-15uH adjustable >> 1360 puffs on the output.  Looks good  as it breaks
> down to 1800p + 4.4uH = Z50 in : 9.7uH + 1360p = Z110 out.
> However, his 80m selection is more like 50 in and 60 out; 40m is 30 in and
> 50 out; 20m is 18 in and 30 out; according to his capacitor selection and
> the  corresponding reactances and impedances
> I think he was winding coils to use whatever micas he had in stock.   He
> has been unreachable via phone calls and e-mails to his mobile electronics
> business.  Should I use his specs, or would I be better to scale the 
> values
> more towards 50 in and 110 out?
> 3.  Lastly, I have a 2H 1.6A monster choke for the HV PS.  The  tranny is
> 3600 rms @ 1 amp.  About 5kV into the filter.  Using 4  tubbies at 8uF/4kV 
> in
> series / parallel for 8uF at 8kV with 2 100k/225W  bleeders; the big 
> choke;
> and then 14 390uF/450v lytics bridged with 14 50k 10Ws  on the output.
> Ur thots on a resonating cap for the choke?  The first bleeder current  is
> about 25mA (about 125W)... might add an extra pair of 100k/100W to drop 
> the
> heat; yea or nea?
> And, yes, I put new 150# casters on the rack.... the HV PS runs about 150
> pounds.  ;-))
> Thanx for the help.
> Unca Billy
> N3TR
> Wm. H.  Taylor
> General Contracting and Design
> 2249 Hickory Hill Rd
> Oxford,  PA 19363
> 610-932-3762 h
> 484-643-3220 c

2. That a static value Howard that changes under drive and final values will 
have to be determined in use. Many use a couple of BC style caps and a 
roller inductor to get actual values, replace with fixed components and a 
low value fine tune variable cap as "C2 tweak".

The published input R for a single 3-500Z is very close at 115 Ohms so you 
can use them also from a published article

3. Toss the choke and caps and go with a string of electrolytics which are 
cheap enough these days. With 12-13 470 or 560uF at 450V you will have 
plenty of C and the 30-50K equalizers will be the bleeder. Trying to tune a 
choke with junkbox values will be an exercise in frustration and 
pyrotechnics. Fleabay is a good place to get high quality, recent date code, 
surplus computer grade caps for short money. For the extra pennies use 6A10 
(6A100 from some mfgs) diodes. I buy MCC brand from Mouser.


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