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Re: [Amps] GS35b FWB issue

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Subject: Re: [Amps] GS35b FWB issue
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Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2011 13:57:42 -0400
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    Thanks to all- found the issue(s).  1.)  The cap bank, if not breaking 
down from carbon tracing at normal operating voltage, was probably close to 
doing so.  2.)  The tranformer is shot- it reads 80k ohm from either primary 
to any of 4 secondary taps, and hipots infinite leakage after a few 100 
volts (no movement at all on the HV meter needle at any voltage level...) 
2nd HV transformer I've lost (1st was in an SB220 I "over-contested" without 
extra air) but never saw one that would "idle" without a load of any sort 
like this.  I compared it to an unused Dahl hypersil I have here w/ the same 
secondary rating- it had 7-10 micoramps of leakage at 7kv (wasn't game to 
push it higher).  Going to replace the works obviously.

    Appreciate all the advice.
    73 Dave N3DB

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>   My first novice transmitter developed a novel problem.
> When it warmed up the 5U4 would arc over. Turned out that
> a number of turns in the primary were shorting out causing
> a sudden jump in the secondary voltage thus the arcing and
> fuse blowing.  Never ever seen this again.
> 73
> Bill wa4lav
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