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[Amps] New NXP BLF578XR 1200W LDMOS FET is "indestructible"

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Subject: [Amps] New NXP BLF578XR 1200W LDMOS FET is "indestructible"
From: "Baruch Zilbershatz" <>
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2011 18:37:34 +0300
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Hello there

The method you describe is the good one with the small tub for these

I do not have a mechanical  tool shop like you guys my means are limited I
polish the copper slaband use an common tools to verify flatness.

Indeed toothpaste is one means among other s.

In one commercial place that I visited I saw also steel wool being used too
And other water based polishing means( polish stuff) 




Baruch Zilbershatz

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