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Re: [Amps] Russian pre-tuning units

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Russian pre-tuning units
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Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2011 16:12:29 +0300
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Hi Bob,

that amplifier you have is called R-140 (name
of a mass production russian transmitter it was removed from),
thousands are in operation for last 40 years.
The pre-tuning units are called BMZ-1, I have its russian language
description but I may have hard time to translate it fully and correctly 
into english
because it is a bit sophisticated. Its possible faults are different
too, if it is a broken small el. engine DP-1-26 or one of the relays
RES-9 then you lucky because those are cheap and plentiful,
replace time is 1 hour, but if some serious mechanical defects developed
you will have a much harder time to fix it.
Luckily the complete BMZ-1 units are still available so it
can be replaced by you or someone else, time required
will be 3 to 6 hours, depending on your skills and instruments you have
in your access.
With Skype and preferably web camera I can try to help you to fix
the memo part of your amp on distance, I did it many times before
with many people and it is a handy tool :).

Roman US5WDX.

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Subject: [Amps] Russian pre-tuning units

> Hi to the group,
>                        This is my first post so a little about myself
> first, I'm an electrical engineer who plays with very big drives(1 ~11MW
> size) I live in South Africa and have the call ZS6BXI which I have held 
> for
> ~ 25 years. I operate a flex 5000A and have purchased a home brew linear
> based on a GU 43B. This was built by an east European /Russian Ham and
> brought to South Africa for a DX expedition and never went home (it was 
> too
> heavy). The amp and its separate power supply work fine (although it's had 
> a
> hard life and I have been doing a lot of tidy up work, tightening up all 
> of
> the bolts and renewing frayed wiring etc).
> My problem is the two pre-tuning units that pre-position the tune and load
> caps for each band. They appear to be Russian Military and are very neat 
> and
> built like a Swiss watch. But one doesn't work and I would like to know 
> how
> it works and be able to fix it and some details on how to set it up. It
> appears to be motor driven has a set of logic input selectors driven from
> the band selector switch but with lots of tiny cams and switches.
> Please has anyone come across these units before and if so can they help.
> Regards Bob ZS6BXI
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