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Subject: Re: [Amps] plate choke location
From: Ron Youvan <>
Date: Fri, 06 Jan 2012 12:06:02 -0500
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   Danny NG9R Pease wrote:

> What is the drawback to putting the plate choke at the low impedance end of
> the tank circuit? If the blocking cap was after the load cap, the load cap
> would need to be rated for about the same voltage as the tune cap. If the
> blocking cap was between the end of the plate coil and the loading cap, what
> kind of current would the cap have to handle?

> How does placing the blocking cap at the low impedance part of the tank
> affect its value as opposed to the high impedance end of the circuit?

   That is done with many push-pull amplifiers, (some push-pull amplifiers 
don't have a plate choke 
or DC coupling capacitors for that matter) but:
All insulation (theirs-a-bouts) would have to be adequate for the DC Voltage 
plus the AC voltage 
riding on it.  Not just the AC Voltage.

   The current will be much higher, but not that high.  (The impedance ratio 
might be 5000:50)

   Go ahead.  Let us know how that worked out.
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