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Re: [Amps] Power supplies for tetrode screen grids and G3SEK's kit

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Power supplies for tetrode screen grids and G3SEK's kit
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Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2012 20:20:47 -0400
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I can give reviews of that kit since I built and tested it for Ian in my 6M 
NCL-2000 as far back as pre production in the 90's and have built many more 
for stock and 6M converted NCL-2000's, various Johnson's including the 6n2 
T-Bolt and other tetrode amps.

IMD testing has shown a solid 3-5dB improvement with some a bit more and 
that was without cherry picking the audio frequencies as does the ARRL.

It is easy to assemble, instructions are superb and it works as advertised. 
I highly recommend it AND I have no financial interest in it.


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Subject: [Amps] Power supplies for tetrode screen grids and G3SEK's kit

> While following this thread, I read of G3SEK's kit for this purpose.  It 
> is well documented on-line -- see -- and an 
> article he published in QEX  that summarizes much of what has been in the 
> thread is available .  Even though I had already bought many of the parts 
> necessary to "do this right", his write-ups seemed that he had covered the 
> problems and requirements well, so I ordered one of the kits.   It seemed 
> that he mailed it within 12 hours of his receiving it, and it came 
> quickly.  It is reasonably priced, has parts from good manufacturers, and 
> the PCB are well made.
> I haven't assembled and tested it yet, and when I do so, will write it up 
> for this reflector.
> Gene May
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