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[Amps] Capacitors vs No Capacitors

Subject: [Amps] Capacitors vs No Capacitors
Date: Wed, 18 Apr 2012 18:15:55 -0500
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Thinking out loud.....

A 15KV @ 10 mf in a Broadcast FM transmitter many years ago shorted...........

Nothing to lose, so I disconnected the capacitor  ( no choke )    and  
made rated power with just the bridge rectifier feeding the final tube.

No noticable hum on carrier  ( yes, I know .... FM )
AM noise above FCC specs ??  Probably, but they were back on the air.

But I wonder what would be the results with no capacitor in CW or SSB
operation....   The voltage wouldn't be as high.... no capacitor to charge.

But what would be the on-air results ... Please no guessing or wives tales.

Add 1 MF ....... what would be the on-air results ?

Would there be a "optimum-minimum" capacitance ?

Without a carrier to " power supply modulate" , Would the lack of  
energy storage  ever be noticed ?

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