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Re: [Amps] E-core transformer

Subject: Re: [Amps] E-core transformer
From: Larry <>
Date: Sun, 01 Dec 2013 16:35:54 -0800
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Thanks to all those who have offered suggestion so far both by list and direct.

To reply to all suggestions:

The "potting" material seems to vary widely from sample to sample. Some have what is definitely some kind of varnish, some have only a sort of epoxy bonding the cores halves, and some have both.

I have not tried boiling water but I did put a heat gun on one and before the varnish softened, the core cracked apart. Don't know about the epoxy samples.

Denatured alcohol didn't do a thing.

Real "paint remover" seems to have gone the way of DDT and everything else that actually works. The stuff on the shelves might remove uncured latex paint but doesn't even dull oil based paint or my fingers. If I could find some of the "real" stuff, I'd give it a try.

Acetone was tried briefly and it didn't soften the varnish. Didn't soak it long so don't know if it would have eventually softened the varnish or the epoxy.

Have not tried lacquer thinner due to not having any handy.

I have a sample soaking in MEK (substitute, can't seem to get the real stuff in the paint stores any more) and it is softening the varnish slowly but has not yet softened the epoxy.

Interestingly enough, nothing so far has attacked the plastic bobbin.

Might require heat plus a solvent, not gonna happen until the freezing fog dissipates so I can do that outside!

73, Larry - W7IUV

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