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[Amps] Henry 3KA Plate Transformer Query

Subject: [Amps] Henry 3KA Plate Transformer Query
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Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2013 01:24:35 GMT
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Perhaps an owner of a classic Henry 3KA can help with determining the pin outs 
for the four (4)  primary 220AC  input terminals on the plate transformer? My 
transformer has four vertically positioned inputs marked 1-4 with 1 at the top 
position.  Top position 1 is wired along with two individual wires to position 
3 and 4.  I assume that is the CW (#3) and SSB (#4) terminals.  Position 2 is 
not wired and the schematic does not acknowledge even the existence of that 
terminal.  Does anyone know for certain if wires 3 and 4 were repositioned to 
terminals  2 and 3,  would I get a somewhat lower secondary output voltages?  
For clarification,  I have removed all  the  parts related to the choke input 
aspect of the power supply  and replaced those components with a self contained 
full wave diode,filter,and bleeder PC board  measuring  only 6x9" and capable 
of handling 5400vdc @2 amps.  Currently in the SSB position, the secondary 
voltage output will certainly be  too high for my  887
 7 retrofit  tube needs.  In the CW mode, the AC voltage output  is 3KV and 
fine for 4200VDC rectified. Regrettably,  I would have to block out the SSB 
position.  However, I would prefer  to move the voltages down "a notch" but not 
certain if that could be accomplished by using pin 2 and 3  thereby keeping the 
very convenient two tier plate voltage.  If anyone is familiar with the  Henry 
transformer, perhaps they could share that information with me?  It would save 
me muddling through some intimidating exploratory  rewiring changes with the 
Variac   that I would be uncomfortable undertaking for fear of damage.  Any 
assistance would be appreciated.   Thanks, Ron W2CQM/3     
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