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Re: [Amps] blower advice?

To: Jim Garland <>,
Subject: Re: [Amps] blower advice?
From: peter chadwick <>
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2013 19:13:19 +0100
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Are the bearings sealed? Is it possible the lubrication has dried up? I'm not 
sure what lubrication is best for ball bearings - some people say grease, and 
others, oil. I prefer grease although getting it in can be difficult, and it 
does add mechanical resistance. 

Ball bearings are always noisier than plain bearings, though, and on an old 
blower I have, the races being worn and noisy, I turned up new phosphor-bronze 
bearings and provided oil holes with little felt pads. Much quieter.


Peter G3RZP

 Message Received: Dec 04 2013, 05:02 PM
 From: "Jim Garland" <>
 Subject: [Amps] blower advice?
 I have an usued Rotron blower, model 4140-00-853-2138, with a  Series 331AS
 motor, that I've built into a new homebrew amplifier. The blower, which I've
 had for years, is perfectly matched to three GU74Bs, and is very compact.
 It's the perfect blower for my application. However, I fired it up for the
 first ime yesterday, but I hear a high-pitched whine from it (in addition to
 the air noise) that doesn't sound right to me. The blower seems to rotate
 smoothly, draws the correct power from the AC line, and takes many seconds
 to coast to a stop when the power is removed.  The motor has ball bearing
 movements, and the blower itelf is mil-spec rated. The data sheet says it is
 "humidty proof and salt spray resistant and shock proof and vibration
 I'm wondering if the sound I'm hearing is normal, possibly ball bearing
 noise or something associated with the humidity/vibration/saltwater
 proofing? I sure hope so, because I've not got a spare and have no idea
 where to find one. My assumption, possibly misguided, has been that a new,
 mil-spec Rotron blower, should last forever. I found one company that says
 they can sell me one for $1500, but I doubt they really have one, even if I
 was willing to pay their absurd price. Any suggestions. I'd love to find
 another one somewhere, or just the 331AS motor.
 Jim W8ZR
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