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OOps!  Lets try that again so that all may reference.

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Here is the status so far. I placed in link for future update reference. Hope this helps out.

Chris VE3CEA

Latest News & History

November 2013:

Thanks for everyone's patience! We are now catching up on past quote requests and continuing to build orders & inventory of stock units. This has certainly turned out to be a "labor of love" for the crew at Hammond Mfg.

October 2013:

Peter W. Dahl designs live YET again! Thanks to Jeff at Harbach Electronics ( hundreds of designs are recovered.

September 2013:

Good news - even though the old Peter W. Dahl server is a goner - we were able to get 100% recovery off the removed old SCSI drive. Thanks to Gillware Inc. ( - highly recommended for data recovery.

Bad News - both the workstation & operating software compliling the transformer designs, spans decades. No longer supported software and/or software companies long out of business make duplicating the original server near impossible.

August 2013:

Unfortunately, we have experienced a "meltdown" with the old Peter W. Dahl network/server which holds the designs. We have a few of the designs either in other formats or in stock BUT - please be patient while our IT department works through this recent issue.

June 2013:

The first Peter W. Dahl designs roll off the Hammond Mfg. production line! Hammond Mfg. begins shipping and stocking PWD series units. More to follow on this site as orders are filled and the more popular designs are brought into stock.

Amateur Radio Products web catalog & Commercial Products listing is added to the site.

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Someone said that the Dahl database was lost.. Has this changed ?


Quoting Gregory Beat <>:

Hammond Manufacturing

Ray Shatzel, W2XC is one of the radio amateurs at Hammond, Mfg.

Hammond Manufacturing is currently integrating the Peter W. Dahl series of custom transformers & chokes (specifications) to the Hammond transformer offering. This will allow amateur radio and commercial broadcasters to take advantage of over 5,000 pre-designed transformers (Peter Dahl database).
Hammond Mfg. Co. Ltd.
394 Edinburgh Road, North
Guelph, Ontario N1H 1E5

Phone (519) 822-2960
Fax (519) 822-0715


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