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When soldering the center pin of the male Type "N" connectors, I then use a 
small file to eliminate the excess solder that always seems to happen.  Then, 
the center pin slides into the rest of the connector easily.

This is a "cheap and dirty" way to get the male connectors installed.
Glen, K9STH


On Thursday, December 19, 2013 8:40 AM, Danny Pease <> wrote:
7 or 8 years back I bought several from Pasternack, they worked well but
have the same problem as most other N connectors, it can be tough to solder
the center conductor without getting too much solder on the pin. Like PL-259
connectors, it takes a lot of heat to solder the shield. I have not had any
fail, but I also have never pushed them very hard either. I much prefer
crimp connectors now.

Danny NG9R

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A few weeks ago, there was an excellent thread concerning connectors on one
of the forums.  I didn't see it mentioned so I was wondering if anyone has
tested or subjected the 2-piece "N" connectors to trial by fire?  High
Sierra is the only place I've seen them----
The price is reasonable.



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